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I'm Scott M. Anthony.


Goofy, funny, a whole lot of energy, and a whole lot of handsome..but most importantly, I'm crazy committed to bringing teens closer to Jesus through the Church...



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I offer a wide variety of opportunities for wide range of groups & events including: Catholic Schools, Parishes, Confirmation Programs, Diocesan events, and more.

I can speak to kids, teens, parents, teachers, faculties, or anyone else who will listen!



Believing in Luke 10, that “the laborer deserves his wage” I do require a stipend, all travel expenses and any supply expenses to be paid for by the sponsoring parish, school or organization.

But in Luke 10, it also states that the laborer should eat “whatever is placed before him”, and therefore I do not charge a set fee for my work.



There’s plenty of Scott to go around cyberspace.


Come find me on facebook or blogspot.


Fee Philosophy

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Check out Scott's Book: 
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The Gifts of the Spirit and You!

Discover the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life in this Confirmation catechesis by Scott Anthony. 

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