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From Youth & Parents

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your contributions to the St. Katharine Drexel core team retreat this weekend. My husband and I both enjoyed your presentations and appreciated your insight and suggestions. Thanks so much for your time and help.”

— Ann & Ernie St. Ledger



“Dear Mr. Anthony,
Hi! My name’s Mary, and I was at the Confirmation Retreat on Friday at St. Joseph’s in Dallastown (PA). I just wanted to let you know that you did a really nice job, and it inspired me a lot more than I thought it would. Yes, at the beginning I had thought it was going to be boring, but I was wrong, and ended up having an amazing time. I think this retreat is something I’ll never forget. I just wanted to say Thank You, and that now I feel I’m more ready than ever for my Confirmation. Thanks Again!”


Mary, age 13



“Good Morning, Scott! I heard you speak to the Confirmation students at St. James Parish in Lititz (PA) on Saturday. My son was one of those students.

You are truly an amazing individual and it’s obvious you touched the hearts of those students during the weekend. Your message to “know Jesus” rang loud and clear and I hope and pray that those students carry that message in their hearts forever.

I was very moved by your story and I know I meant to be there on Saturday to hear you speak. Your message hit home in more ways than I can even begin to tell you. I have seen my daughter and one of her closest friends struggle with the pressures of school, relationships, and the every day grind of being an adolescent and dealing with all that comes with it. They both just feel SO overwhelmed by it all. Hearing your story just put so much into perspective for me in so many areas of my own life. So from the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU! You have changed my life for the better.

May God bless you and your family!

Warmest Regards,

Arlene Kime



“Scott, the retreat helped me a lot. I was thinking about killing myself a couple times but this retreat taught me how great life is and to never throw it away.” -Nate

“Mr. Anthony, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED the retreat. You were hilarious and planned so many fun activities. You made the retreat fun AND holy.” -Emily

“Scott, thank you for being a great teacher on our retreat. Learning has never been so much fun! The games were fun, but my favorite part of the day was quiet time.” -Danielle

“I got much closer to God on this retreat. When we wrote everything on the index card and handed it over to God, I think that definitely took a lot of stress off me. Now I feel like if I give God anything I can’t deal with, He’s going to take care of me. I can trust Him.” -Julie

“Thanks for an amazing retreat! I feel closer to Jesus now. The activities all taught certain lessons. This experience was life changing. I really looked at Mass different today and I really understood it.” - Elena

“Thank you for organizing our retreat, it was really fun. The quiet time was my favorite. I really got closer to God. Your personal story really inspired me to have a relationship with God.” -Kristina

“Thank you for the awesome retreat…I was able to give up things that were bugging me and kick-start my life with God. I actually went to Confession voluntarily for the first time ever! I want to learn more about our faith and get to know Jesus better.” -Colleen

“Scott, the retreat definitely had a great impact on me. It was so much fun! I literally almost peed my pants! But even though all the games were fun, I liked that they all had a meaning behind them. It wasn’t just the fun that made an impact on me: it was the personal quiet time and the things we wrote on the card to God that made me open my heart wide. I got more out of this retreat than I ever thought I would.” -Ericka

“I really enjoyed the games…and our reflection time. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family how much fun I had. If I could do this retreat all over again I WOULD IN A HEART BEAT! I believe I have become closer to God because of you.” -Lauren

— Student Comments
From 8th grade class retreat at St. Ignatius School
Reading, PA



“Scott, thanks for being a part of our retreat. You made it so much fun with all the games! You’ve made my Confirmation better.” -Lauren

“Thank you for doing the retreat. Writing the prayer was very powerful for me. I’m really glad I went.” -Kara

Thank you for making Saturday a very fun day. I really thought it was going to be very boring but it turned out that I learned a lot from you and had fun doing it.” -Zelquaysha

“Thank you for doing our Confirmation retreat. I liked how everything was always moving and how you got us involved with all the activities.” -Colin

“Hey Scott…I liked one-on-one with God. It made me really talk to Him and understand Him better. I wish that everyday could be like Saturday. It was really fun and I was happy.” -Victoria

— Student Comments
From Confirmation Retreat at St. Mary’s/St. Pat’s Churches
York, PA



“It was nice to hear someone else struggles with their life. (This was from the witness talk of your faith).” ~ Vinnie
“The day was prayerful as well as fun, even with the lack of heat!” ~ Lexi
“Please have Scott come back next year for the retreat, he made us think about our prayer life.” ~ Sam

Quotes from Youth

of Our Lady of the Visitation, Shippensburg, PA

submitted by Mrs. Bobbi Staver



“Thank you so much—you rocked! And thanks for making us spend half an hour just with God. I don’t do that enough!” -Amy
“Thanks so much, you were an inspiration and I hope you can come back!” -Kristine
“Thank you so much for coming! You are an awesome speaker! Come back soon.” -Rachel
“Wow! Your presentation was really amazing and inspiring! I loved the whole silence thing. Thanks a ton!” -Casey

— Student Comments
From high school retreat at St. Katharine Drexel Parish
Mechanicsburg, PA



“I had an awesome time at our Confirmation retreat! Originally I wasn’t looking forward to a retreat on a Saturday because I thought it was going to be boring. I was going because I thought I had to and I had no choice. After all, going to this retreat with Scott really strengthened my relationship with God. Now I am choosing to make my Confirmation and become a full Catholic, not because it is expected of me, but because I want to. I learned that Confirmation is not an end, but it is an awesome beginning that will have never-ending benefits. I want to thank Scott for helping me to realize how amazing a life with Jesus in it is! – Katie

“Thank you for the fun time at the retreat. I didn’t really think it would be that fun. It was better than staying at home and playing on the computer.” – John

“Scott, thanks so much for doing the retreat with my class. I learned a lot that day that I’ll definitely apply to my life and my relationship with God. You taught me a lot of things that changed my way of thinking in church. Your lessons really made me think; and I’m glad you did that. It’s just what I needed. Thanks to you, I’m going to have a fuller, more understanding relationship with God.” – Sean

—Remarks from Confirmation Candidates
Our Lady of the Visitation, Shippensburg, PA ~ 2005 Retreat



“I felt very holy after it was over. I’ve never had that feeling before”.
“I never thought to write my prayers to God. That made it much more real. I can’t believe that my prayer was answered!”
“I never thought about lying as tangling me up in sin until I saw the string demonstration. I want to stop lying.”
“It was the most fun I’ve had at a Church event.”
“I came thinking this would be a very boring day. Instead I really enjoyed everything! The best part was the time to pray and write down our intentions.”

—Miscellaneous comments from Youth
St. Magdalen Church, Flemington, NJ



“You made learning about Christ a lot of fun and I really liked you here. I had a good time” – Derrick

“Something that touched me was the bond you described that I could have with God.” – Carly

“One of the important things I learned was how I can only be happy if I’m with God.” – Michelle

— Quotes from Youth

of Our Lady of the Visitation, Shippensburg, PA

2006 Retreat

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