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Fee Philosophy


Believing in Luke 10, that “the laborer deserves his wage” I do require a stipend, all travel expenses and any supply expenses to be paid for by the sponsoring parish, school or organization.

But in Luke 10, it also states that the laborer should eat “whatever is placed before him”, and therefore I do not charge a set fee for events.

After travel & supply expenses, the size of the stipend is up to the sponsoring parish/school to prayerfully consider. A range of what other parishes have paid in the past for a similar event is include with each contract.

Using this method allows me to trust in God for my family’s needs, to offer my best without being affected by the stipend amount and it offers parishes on tighter budgets the ability to contract my services without feeling pressured or guilty about what they can afford.


Scott and his family at Christmas 2018.

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