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From Youth Ministry Leaders

“Scott Anthony is really, really good at youth ministry. Seriously, he is like the Chuck Norris of youth ministry. He is a genius with teens. Watching him do ministry is beautiful because his passion for Christ is so genuine. He is not only really, really funny, but he is pastoral and relevant.”

— Bob Lesnefsky, aka “Righteous b”
Nationally-known Catholic speaker and rap artist



“Scott Anthony probably needs to be on medication! Well, maybe not. He is in all actuality a wonderful gift to the body of Christ. Scott loves sharing his life with young people, and in today’s age of inadequate and disappointing leaders, Scott stands out as a light amidst great darkness. He is a friend and a servant. I am sure you’ll be blessed, as I have, to get to know him more.”

— Chris Padgett
Nationally-known Catholic speaker and musician



“Scott proclaims the truth with love, power and hilarity. He has a natural way about him in front of a large group of teens that is rivaled by few. He can get their guard down, get them laughing and have them standing in line for confession in one seamless motion. Your teens won’t even know what hit them. But you will. It was Scot Anthony…Youth Ministry Ninja.”

— Chris Stefanick
Director of Youth, Young Adult & Campus Ministry
Archdiocese of Denver, CO



“Scott Anthony is absolutely awesome! He was our keynote speaker for our diocesan event, SHYCON2009. We had asked him to do some “extra” things for our day and he did it without hesitation. We wanted him to start the day out with our teens and an icebreaker and then he led them right into prayer and his first keynote. You could tell by watching them, that the teens were very engaged in what he was saying. It was like he made friends with them first, earned their trust and then they wanted to listen to him. He also did a breakout with our adults and even though it had to be a short session, I have heard wonderful responses from it. Based on what I have heard, we plan on bringing Scott back to do a whole day with our adults. Scott is really flexible and willing to do anything you need and he brings with him creative ideas and faith-filled messages. (All this and he was even sick that day! I can’t imagine how great he would be when he is feeling good.)”

— Francine Swope
Director of Youth Ministry
Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, PA



“Scott, it was so great having you with us! You delivered above and beyond for sure. We have been blessed to have big national names at Holy Angels and you should be numbered among them! You could easily be a large arena keynote speaker at NCYC, NCCYM and all the large-scale national events, but you are a youth minister at heart–in the parish with the kids year in and year out–through the struggles, joys, challenges and growth. And THAT is what makes you so effective at reaching the hearts, minds and souls of the teens you serve around the East Coast, the Midwest and in York, PA. A huge thanks to you for sharing your gifts with our Confirmation candidates!”

-Matthew Anselmi
Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Church of the Holy Angels
Chagrin Falls, OH



“We at St. Monica Parish would liek to thank you so much for your wonderful retreat. Our parish youth had a great time and they really apprecaited it. Your experiences and amazing personality just made the day so enjoyable. It really helped me at this time in my life to have the retreat as well. It just shows how great God is. It is very motivating to hear all the experiences you have had to overcome and to see you share them so enthusiastically. Thank you for all you do, God is truly working through you!”

-Susanne Erhardt
CRE of St. Monica Parish
Sunbury, PA



“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Westfield, NJ and spending the evening with us. It truly was a delight and the kids thought you were the bomb. I hope you’ll join us again next year.”

-Patricia Martin
Director of Youth Ministry
Holy Trinity Parish
Westfield, NJ



“Scott is the real deal. He’s authentic, funny, engaging and 100% unapologetically Catholic. He walks the talk. And people sense all of this when he speaks and so they soak it up! The first time I went out on a limb and invited him to our parish and he immediately engaged an audience of parents and teens together (at a mandatory Confirmation meeting) and held their attention with meaningful and entertaining content for an hour and a half. This year, he did another talk, but to parents only–and they walked away raving about how they could stand to hear more encouraging talks like that more often. He’s a real guy with real-life stories AND knowledge of Church teaching–and the way he links the two is fabulous. It doesn’t get any better than Scott Anthony.”

— Mrs. Laura Danner
Director of LIFE TEEN
St. Mary Church, Ridgefield, CT



“I wanted to thank you so much for what I think is the best retreat that we have had in my experience here. I have spoken to the kids and have received all positive responses from the weekend. I want to put a bug in your ear for next year. Thanks again for a great day!”

— Kay Hetherington
St. Joseph Church, Keyport, NJ



“From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the awesome retreat. The kids loved it!! I have had many phone calls from parents telling me how much their kids got out of it. I am going to make sure that I budget money for next year so you can come back again. I wish you could do our closing retreat in February, too!.”

— Mrs. Chris Duncan
Ss. Peter & Paul Church, Easton, MD



“Thank you for leading our Confirmation retreat. I really appreciate your flexibility with the agenda and for your total commitment in giving all you have to the students. You earn their trust and respect very early on with your humor and activities, then you really touch their hearts with your personal stories. I had SO many students and parents contact me to tell me how very much they enjoyed the retreat and were truly moved by it. Many students told their parents that they felt much closer to God. As you know, we had many students entering the retreat with some major issues on their hearts, and you provided an opportunity for them to work through those issues through their relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks again Scott, for commitment to this ministry, your devotion to our children, and your inspiriting example of living out our faith.”

— Bonnie Finnerty

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Church, Harrisburg, PA



“Scott is an inspiration to all who meet him. The Lord works through him in so many ways, through his ministry to the youth at St. Joseph in York, PA, but also in his ministry to other adults through his retreat ministry. His enthusiasm and love for the Lord is so evident in his talks and actions. What a blessing it was to have Scott join with the youth ministers of Chester County for an “Evening of Renewal”

— Jennifer Byrd
Chester County Vicariate Coordinator
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Office for Youth & Young Adults
phone: 215-965-4625



“Scott Anthony is a fireball of energy; you can feel Christ working through him. He is very passionate about what he does, and you feel good spending time with Scott. God has blessed Scott with a special gift to reach our youth and has called him to use that gift. Scott has answered that call. The retreat was everything I expected and more. The day was just great! Our 8th graders had a lot of good things to say about the retreat, but I think this was the best testimony: “Mrs. McCarthy, you have to get him to come back for next year’s retreat.” And, I will.”

— Mrs. Stephanie McCarthy
Middle School Religion Teacher and Religion Coordinator
St. Theresa School, New Cumberland, PA



“Scott Anthony is one of my all-time favorite youth ministers. He is authentic, funny, well-balanced, and all about communicating the Gospel in a real way to teens. I recommend him with confidence.”

— Frank Mercadante
Founder and Executive Director of Cultivation Ministries



“The first thing that struck me about Scott was his raw excitement and love for our Lord Jesus. It is a privilege to meet someone who strives to walk the walk and not just talk the talk and not only that, recognizes that it is a struggle but still chooses to do it. He has fun doing it and has the gift of being able to relate to students and adults in the way our Lord calls him at the moment. I would love to bring him to every single one of my parishes and recommend him to anyone looking for a gifted presenter.”

—Sara I. Lemberg
former Bucks County Vicariate Youth Ministry Coordinator, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA



“Scott speaks from the heart as a faith-filled Catholic, an experienced youth minister, and a loving parent of five children. I received much positive feedback about his presentation (The Reality and Responsibility of the Domestic Church) to the parents of our Confirmation candidates. Parents personally thanked me for having Scott talk to them.”

— Sr. Mary Cronin
DRE, St. Paul Church, Annville, PA



“Many of the students came into the confessional and stated they wanted to have a good confession. These students were the best prepared students I have had come into the confessional.”

— Quote from Pastor Fr. Bob of Our Lady of the Visitation, Shippensburg, PA

submitted by Mrs. Bobbi Staver



“Scott Anthony is one of the most effective youth ministers I have ever known. His down-to-earth, prayer-centered approach to teen ministry is one that is sorely needed today. When Scott speaks to teens, he has a way of reaching them on their level, combining zany humor with a rich understanding of Catholic teaching; all packaged in a practical, tell-it-like-it-is approach that is perfect for young people disgusted with our spin-saturated, relativistic culture. I would highly recommend Scott as an excellent speaker for any youth event.”

— Martin Doman
Nationally-known Catholic Worship Leader and Songwriter
Office of Worship, Diocese of Harrisburg, PA ~



“This past October 2005 we had an opportunity to have Scott Anthony speak at our High School Youth Celebration Day.  What a genuinely awesome young man who is very grounded in his Catholic Faith! Scott was present to our High School students not only during his keynote but for the entire day. His youth ministry skills are outstanding and his message of what and Who we serve hit not only our students with great impact, but also our adult youth ministers. We look forward, with great anticipation, to having Scott come back for our Jr. High Rally in 2007! Thanks, Scott! You are the best!”

—Kathy Loney
Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota



“This workshop (The Spiritual Works of Mercy As A Model For Catholic Educators) was GREAT! The faculty of every Catholic high school needs to hear this message!”

— Tom Fertal
Director of Spiritual Life
Lancaster Catholic High School, Lancaster, PA



“Scott has a wonderful way of connecting with the young teens in our Confirmation program. He gives a personal witness talk that reaches the hearts and minds of many young people today. He is always organized and well-prepared. He has a wealth of experience to draw on when planning and implementing meaningful retreat activities. A great testament to Scott’s effectiveness is that at the end of our Confirmation retreat a few years ago, the kids CHOSE to stay and hear another of Scott’s stories instead of bolting for the door. This is unheard of in most 8th grade settings!! The parents had to come in and get them instead of us having to keep them from knocking each other over in their zest to get out as soon as possible!!”

— Mrs. Cathy Ashton
CRE, Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Ephrata, PA



“I would always be among Scott’s front-line cheerleaders…for the sake of our youth and his wonderful work among them in faith-formation and community building. He is the best! I would not ever have to think twice about recommending Scott for parish/diocese presentations, retreats, RCIA presentations and adult interaction where youth/family spirituality needed to be guided, strengthened/nurtured. He is tremendously gifted and he models well what it means to take your faith seriously. Truly he is exceptional in his commitment/fidelity and expertise in transmitting the message…for the sake of the Gospel/promotion of the social justice in these turbulent times.”

— Sr. Jane Keller, SSJ
DRE, St. Rose of Lima Church, York, PA



“Scott not only gave us ‘food for thought’ but did it in an engaging and humorous way. Adults and teens alike found him to be extremely knowledgeable in our faith but also practical with his suggestions. We want him to come back to Holy Infant Parish!”

— Becky Papa
Pastoral Associate, Holy Infant Parish, York Haven, PA



“I have worked with Scott on many retreats, and heard him speak on many occasions to adults, college students and teens. He is one of the most dynamic Catholic speakers I know. He has an ability to very quickly get your attention and hold it with a vast knowledge of Catholic teaching, a truly unique sense of humor, and a humble and sincere faith in Jesus Christ powered by a Spirit driven desire to share the Gospel. “

— Art Bamert, Jr
Associate Director of Spiritual Life, Lancaster Catholic HS, Lancaster, PA
President of the Catholic Youth Foundation (



“I congratulate you for an excellent job leading our 8th grade confirmation retreat. The students were completely engaged for the 5 hours that you were there. And the feedback from the students has been very positive. I believe you provided them with not only a fun, but very uplifting spiritual experience. Thanks so much for working us into your busy schedule. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”

—Mary E. Miller
8th Grade CCD Coordinator, St. James Catholic Church, Lititz, PA



“I met Scott last year when he hosted at the Proud 2B Catholic Music Festival in Lancaster, PA and was impressed with his work with the youth in the York, PA area. As a result, he was my first choice for my 8th grade Confirmation Retreat. So many of the long-time catechists told me that he was the best we have ever had.”

—Sr. Loretta O’Reilly
DRE, St. Magdalen Church, Flemington, NJ



“Scott is very gifted in reaching the kids on their level and delivering God’s powerful message of His love for them.”

St. Magdalen Church, Flemington, NJ



“We found that Scott presented a very organized and relevant program. His attention to detail beforehand assures that the focus can remain on the spiritual aspects of the day. Scott is the real deal; kid’s immediately sense his sincerity and dedication to spreading the Good News of the Lord in a fun and uplifting way.”

—Michael J. Smith
Youth Ministry Program Coordinator
Cluster 30 Parishes, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA



“His examples were relevant and entertaining”
“He was very knowledgeable and explained the topic well”
“Excellent speaker!!”
“Presented a different view of the Sacrament which was good”
“Speaker was well prepared with lots of content”
“He was an enthusiastic speaker and the topic was so interesting”
“An excellent speaker; he knew his talk from heart”

—Evaluation Form Remarks
From Scott’s workshop on the “Gifts of the Spirit” at the NCEA National Convention in Philadelphia, PA



“Thank you Scott for your talk on the Eucharist. You enlightened and inspired teens and adults alike. One parent was surprised that her kids felt that they heard something new because she is very good at teaching them about the Faith, but it was the way you taught and the different angles you took. You truly captivated your audience and it showed later in their praise and worship during Holy Hour.”


“Thank you very much for…talking to our Youth Council (adult team). You were a wonderful inspiration and you gave us great ideas and lots of useful and important information. We are anxious to make some well-needed changes. Thanks so much for all your help and your time.”

— Silvia Doe
Director of Youth Ministry
St. Mary’s Church, Lancaster, PA



“Thank you for sharing the gifts of your spirit—your zeal and dedication to God—with us. I was truly impressed with the day. I know the candidates got a lot out of it. I could tell by their attitude toward you and each other. I’m sure I will invite you back again next year.”

— Sr. Dorothy Wilkinson
DRE, St. Leo the Great Church, Lancaster, PA



“Scott led my faculty-staff retreat day with his presentation on the Spiritual Works of Mercy. He gave us a lot to think and pray about as he challenged us to lead lives of conviction as Catholics and to really ‘walk the walk’. I would recommend this program for all Catholic high school faculties. Scott is very inspiring.”

 Patti Murphy-Dohn
Campus Minister
Director of Campus Ministry
The John Carroll School, Bel Air, MD



“Through the use of humor, Scott is tremendously successful at showing young Catholics (not to mention their parents/teachers) how their faith impacts their daily life. Scott is passionate, funny and challenging and I highly recommend him for any youth event.”

— Brendan Murphy

 Office for Parish Life and Evangelization

Diocese of Scranton

Scranton, PA



“I have had the privilege of working with many talented people who love the Lord and I am excited when I find people who are ‘The Real Deal’. Scott Anthony, you are the ‘Real Deal’. You love the Lord, love your wife and children, and have a desire for others to experience the same Love that Our Lord has shown you. You are open to the Spirit, genuine, engaging, challenging, and funny as all get out. I will pray for your ministry. I thank the Lord I had the opportunity to serve with you.”

— John Paul Kasperowicz

Founder: Ministry of the Single-hearted

1751 Old Swede Rd.

Douglassville, PA 19518



“Scott, thanks so much for brining Jesus to us in so many real and meaningful ways. May you be blessed evermore.”

— Sr. Therese Marie

DRE, San Juan Bautista Church

Lancaster, PA



“Scott, you are awesome! Thanks for a terrific day. The candidates really enjoyed it and I have no doubt that several hearts were touched.”

— Connie Egan

DRE, St. Joan of Arc Church

Hershey, PA



“Scott, thank you for a job well done for our Confirmation Retreat. You are an inspiration and an awesome model of how a devout Catholic can choose to live. Our 8th graders are READY to receive the Holy Spirit!”

— Paula Sivulka

DRE, St. Joseph Church

Dallastown, PA

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